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Work / Live / Play Community Builder

Building a sense of community has been difficult in an independent America.

In recent trends, groups have been looking at forming small communities, to help create a community focus.  Many developers have access to the tools and funding to build communities, but most newer communities end up as generic work-live-play environments and not specifically focused for those who live within them; creating sterile unattractive neighborhoods, while skipping on much needed renewable amenities.

Our goal is to give small communities, existing or undeveloped, the tools to connect with other like minded neighbors (like eHarmony), find funding or loans, access floor plans and amenities schematics, find plots or unify existing communities, enable "HOA like" tools, and contact developers and legal resources.

Game and Software Development

Currently working on a music/audio production game "Synthcraft", which teaches the use of synthesis, audio production tools and music theory, in a 3D game where you can find sounds and create/market your own tracks.

SC - SWC site intro.jpg
SC - SWC demo gameplay.jpg
SC - SWC demo gameplay2.jpg

Lightwave Interactive

Lightwave Interactive is a non-profit artists collective, formed by Jacob Olson and Jeremy Christopher Cummings, that designs immersive interactive musical art sculptures and rooms for parks and community areas.
Our goal for 2020 is to utilize donated funds and install responsive light fixtures and sculptures, that cover most of Denver metro, and can be seen lighting up Denver metro, from places like Lookout Mnt or tall buildings.

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