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Jeremy Christopher (Cummings) is a 4th generation Colorado native.
He graduated from Golden High School, with an emphasis in music theory, photography and video and went on to Colorado Film School to study film and media.
From there, he ventured into real estate marketing, focusing on video editing, while building his musical career on the side, working at studios and setting up sound installations and events.
(Sonship Studios, Colorado Sound, Coupe Studios, Marriott Level 4 certified, FOH mixing for churches, sound mixing and location sound)

While working for a marketing company, he ventured into working at a film production studio (Asgard Entertainment), where he composed original music, recorded location sound, mixed sound for film, created sound effects, recorded musicians for parts and did other various film production tasks.
After he found Colorado wasn't the best place to do film music, and not wanting to move to California, he went back into real estate marketing (Vector Property Services), focusing on website development, and programming.  This sparked his venture into programming and developing for games and Arduinos.
From there, he left Vector, and went on to work for Lightwave, to program artistic interactive musical artistic installations, focus on music, and marketing for events and local talent.
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
Helen Keller
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