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Hello CRO members.

Jeremy here!

Since covid, many music groups have been trying to find a decent method for practicing or jamming online.

A few audio server / plugins have emerged as of recent, that allow near real-time playing (with no delay - delay issues have been the major hurdle in previous methods).  Usually, it's a sacrifice on real time playing vs quality, but now the real time methods are getting decent enough to use.

One method I initially liked, is called Ninjam, which uses a server and purposely delays the track, to a set number of measures; so you get high end quality, but people hear you that number of delayed measures later.  So, that's no good for practice.

Other people have tried using different video chat tools, but all of them have a delay or gating issues that make it hard to really hear other people well.

I recently came across a plugin called Jamulus, which is best when you monitor directly from the server, but the delay is really low and can allow for section practices and small groups (possibly for larger groups, but it depends on the server).

I've tested out this server and it's useful enough to use.  I'm willing on helping CRO members out, to install and use this software (all platforms).  There are workarounds and some gear needed, as well as some weird issues you would need to address to monitor properly, but I can show any of you, who are interested, all the ropes; for practice or even for your personal use (jamming, teaching, etc).

I've noticed the best setups are ones where music teachers have their students dial into the Jamulus audio server and also use a video chat (zoom, meet, skype, etc) to see who is there, but mute the audio from the chat tools.

Let me know if you would like me to show you how to use this software, if you're up for practicing or jamming or if you have any questions while navigating the software on your own.

You can find the software to download here:

CAUTION!!!  If you aren't very techy, I'd recommend having me help you setup, since this isn't a very straight forward type of software to install and you need to be aware how it will take over your soundcard and how to undo that setup.

Thank you and I hope the best for you all in times like these,

Jeremy Cummings

Contact Jeremy - CRO Jamulus Training

Thanks! I will contact you as soon as I can.

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