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Music Licensing

Here is a collection of songs that can be used for a very low or no budget film or television show. 

I do not give permission to use these without signing the proper licensing agreements with me directly, but I think it's fair to help productions that may need; so I am making these songs in my inventory available to use, for productions that contact me and sign my licensing agreements. 

For no budget films:  I don't seek upfront capital, only 50% rights per individual song, for ASCAP/BMI revenue captures and no revenue for film sales, unless using more than 40% of my music in your film, which will be a very common or fair rate if applied.

For low budget films: I will only seek 20% of the song rights captured revenue from ASCAP/BMI, per song and no revenue from sales, unless using more than 65% of my music in your film, which will be a very common or fair rate if applied, but I will also ask for the use of the song to be paid for upfront $200 per song.

If you would like for me to edit this song, to a limited degree (quantizing, splitting tracks, looping a section, basic mastering), it will be $200 per song.

Please contact me, for rights to use the material below.  If seeking a composer, I can discuss my rates outside this process, but you can also contact me at the link here:

Thank you, I will contact you within 24 hours about your inquiry.

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